3 thoughts on “Birds Vol 1 #2 – The King Parrot or King Lory

  1. I’m back. Some of these birds are just unbelievably gorgeous! I especially like the Silver-throated Tanager in the previous post and the Australian King Parrot in this one. I am going to be sure and share a link to your site on my Facebook page. I often share pictures of beautiful birds — just because I love beautiful birds — and several of my FB friends are very interested in them. Hopefully, some of them will come over and visit you.


    • Thanks you for your three commemts. Glad you let me know the connection between the two names. I enjoy finding this fantastic birds to be able to share them. Would be nice to see them in person.


  2. It just dawned on me that I left the previous comment while logged in as Sandra Conner. I had visited your site a few times previously while logged into my other blog: “hanginoutwithgod.” Just so you won’t be confused, perhaps I should tell you that we are one and the same person.


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