2 thoughts on “Birds Vol 1 #2 – The Red-headed Woodpecker

  1. I am enjoying these book entries you are posting. This would be a fun one to have in print. I am starting to collect older bird books. I found a 1947 edition of Peterson’s NA guide recently. There’s a half-price bookstore in Des Moines. I do miss the local Mom and Pop used book store in Omaha. I enjoyed seeing the same couple in there all the time, chatting and I knew they loved what they were doing.

    We have only seen the Red-headed a couple times. My poor husband was later into birding than the rest of us and would call out a Red-headed woodpecker when it was a Red-bellied. But that’s not as bad as my boo boo. I was looking through my ebird lists once and saw a Red-headed several months later than when we last saw one. ??? I am guessing I fat fingered something. I quickly made the change, because on that list, it should have been a Red-bellied.
    Sorry to have rambled on your post. God bless your day.


  2. I am glad you are enjoying the articles. When I started it I wasn’t sure readers would like it. I am enjoying doing them and learning as I do. Guess that is worth something.
    Lord Bless your day also.


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