4 thoughts on “Birds Vol 1 #6 – The Snowy Owl

  1. Out of all the owls, Snowy Owls are my favorite. Their yellow eyes seem to pop out of their heads against their all-white plumage. Besides, Hedwig (Harry Potter’s owl) comes immediately to my mind but only because I’m a colossal “Harry Potter” fan…now if only I had an owl to deliver my mail for me. :D


    • Not sure which Owl is my favorite, they are all so neatly created. Owls are suppose to be wise, but delivering mail? Sounds like a challenge.


  2. In 1971 when I was teaching school, the Principal went on the P.A. and announced that there was a Great Snowy Owl perched on the roof of the school. Well, the owl stayed there for several hours which was enough time
    for all the teachers and students to view this visitor (during daylight!) from the
    classrooms on the third floor. We went classroom by classroom in a very
    organized, quiet manner! The owl was about 100 feet from us and somehow
    was not disturbed by all the curious people enjoying this rare appearance.


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