3 thoughts on “Lake Morton Birdwatching Trip – 11/22/13

  1. I really enjoyed your post this evening. I also love feeding the ducks and other birds in our local park. I’m sorry you’ve had to experience and deal with cancer. I will keep you in my prayers. May the Lord shower you with His abundant love, and life, and supply during this time. May He also send strength to your mortal body.


    • Thanks for the prayers. They are always welcome. It was skin cancer and they say they have it all, but I have a scar that has to be kept from the sun for awhile.


    • I understand. I’ve known several people who have had melanoma, and I thank the Lord that they have recovered well. I think it’s safer for all of us to have monitored time outdoors while we’re under the sun. The sun is quite strong these days. Time will come by quickly and you’ll soon be able to enjoy more thorough visits outdoors. Just take it easy… the women I know who’ve had melanoma are doing well now. They eat a lot of healthy foods: kale, spinach, flax seeds, nuts, legumes, dark veggies berries and fruits… superfoods in general. Take care out there. I’ll be thinking of you and definitely keeping you in prayer.


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