Bible Birds – Bitterns

Australasian Bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus) by Ian

Australasian Bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus) by Ian

And flocks shall lie down in the midst of her, all the beasts of the nations: both the cormorant and the bittern shall lodge in the upper lintels of it; their voice shall sing in the windows; desolation shall be in the thresholds: for he shall uncover the cedar work. (Zeph. 2:14)

Bitterns are mentioned in 3 verses in the Bible. Isaiah 14:23 , 34:11 and Zephaniah 2:14.

Bitterns are a kind of birds in the heron family, Ardeidae, a family of wading birds. Species named bitterns tend to be the shorter-necked, often more secretive members of this family.

Bitterns part of the heron family.

Bitterns usually frequent reedbeds and similar marshy areas, and feed on amphibians, reptiles, insects, and fish.

Unlike the similar storks, ibises and spoonbills, herons and bitterns fly with their necks retracted, not outstretched.


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