3 thoughts on “Birds Vol 1 #2 – The American Robin

  1. So interesting. I love the poem about how they build their nests. Did you write that yourself, Lee?

    Your point about the robin being one of the first we hear early in the morning reminded me of how I used to have a problem with fear during the night and would lie awake just waiting for the birds to start singing at about 5:00 a.m. When they did, I began to feel safe and started to relax and went back to sleep easily. That was before I knew the Lord would deliver me from all fear. Once I was an adult and learned that truth, the Lord set me free from fear of
    every kind. On my “hanginoutwithgod blog, I shared the story about how the birds affected me — in connection with a Bible lesson on another subject. But just in case you’d like to know more about that experience, I will include the link to that particular article in this comment. (Hope it works. If not, you can always copy and paste it into the address bar.) Blessings. Sandra.



    • No, the poems are not mine. The material was written in 1897, other than an occasional current photo, down to where it says, “Lee’s Addition:” That is where I start adding things to it. Will check out you article. Lord Bless your day.


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