2 thoughts on “Birds Vol 1 #5 – National Council of Women

  1. Wow, this is absolutely appalling! I had NO IDEA! Of course, I’m not the kind of person who would want to wear a dead animal — or parts thereof — on my head. I don’t wear hats at all now, but when I was younger, I loved wearing them — but NEVER with dead birds or any feathers or parts of animals of any kind. Just goes to show you how truly crazy the world can be — and how far off the mark is their thinking compared to their Creator’s.

    Hadn’t had much time to visit and read the past week, but one thing’s for sure: I can be sure that when I do get over here, I will learn something interesting.

    Thanks for sharing this. At least it’s a little heartening to see that we don’t do as much of that kind of thing these days.


  2. I was astounded at some of the other things that I didn’t include. This was enough to get the point across.
    Thanks for coming back over for a read.


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