2 thoughts on “The Substitute Teacher by Emma Foster

  1. After that delightful adventure, it would be nice if Miss Kendall would be recalled for more jury duty! What a splendid opportunity the schoolchildren had to study under a teaching parrot! When I was in 3rd grade I got in trouble for using rude words to a boy whom I argued with. The teacher asked me if I thought that the Lord Jesus would like to hear me talking like that — and I knew the answer was “no”. (And that was in a public school!) Then she reminded me of the obvious, that the Lord heard every word that I said; even more, He knew every word that I was thinking inside my heart! Ever since 3rd grade I have been learning to take words more seriously — they should be used with care, and to honor the Lord (James 3:2-13). However, when we use verbal creativity, with wholesome content — as you (Emma) have — we are displaying that we are made in God’s image, because one of His most important character traits is His wholesome creativity. So this delightful tale of Beatrice, the class pet, who pinch-hit for Miss Kendall (as the Substitute Teacher), is a creative and careful usage of words, illustrating our Creator’s colorful sense of humor and love for children — and even for parrots. One more thought — like Beatrice, I try to avoid trying to do math in public — it can be so embarrassing! (That shows that we all have both strengths and weaknesses!) Thanks, Emma, for this entertaining report.

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  2. Emma, what a thoroughly delightful story of Beatrice. I would have loved to have had a substitute teacher like Beatrice. And I would have loved to hear her whistle the “Star Spangled Banner”. You have a great imagination and we benefit from it and the lessons they teach including using our imagination in such a fun way. Keep writing! You would be a good writer for children’s books — and I must say I love to read children’s books even tho I’m an adult. I sometimes think children books should not be labeled as such as so many adults love them. Thanks again Emma!

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