Fixed Daddy’s Bedtime Bird Stories

Daddys Bedtime Story Images (1)

Daddy’s Bedtime Bird Stories had some broken links because of a change in Gutenberg’s policy. They do not want links to their articles and photos. Long story short, I fixed them and now they should be okay. I also added photo links since I had to redo all of them. Here are the stories so far. I realized there are many stories yet to be told yet. Stay tuned!

(If you should find any broken links, please leave a comment on that story so it can be fixed. Thanks.)

These are the ones available for reading:



Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris) ©©Flickr



  Bird Tales







  Daddy’s Bedtime Bird Stories






Spanish Sparrow (Passer Hispaniolensis) female ©WikiC




  Wordless Birds



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