3 thoughts on “Bible Birds – Mother Birds and Their Young

  1. I love this. And the picture is fantastic.

    I had a sad event take place at my house yesterday. I mentioned to you about the birds who have been building a nest under my eaves where the soffiting came out. They are very noisy just by my living room window, and they are making a horrible mess on my roof and everything below it with all their droppings. However, I would certainly not have killed any of them. I just wished I knew a way to get them to move.

    However, yesterday afternoon, I discovered one of them — the biggest one — was dead and lying in my yard. I don’t know how it happened. Most likely another animal, but I would have thought if it had been a cat or a dog, it would have carried the dead bird away. The really bad part was that its mate and two other birds were so distraught over the death. The mate kept coming to the edge of my roof and looking down at the dead bird and virtually screaming. The other two just flew wildly around screaming as well — as if they were so anguished they couldn’t hold still and didn’t know what to do.

    Once before I found a dead bird in my yard, but no other birds seemed to react to the situation. This time, I’m sure it was because they were a family. It was very sad, and I felt even more badly because I had been wanting to get rid of them. Of course, I wouldn’t have had it happen that way for the world. Today the other birds are more settled, but they are still making crying noises that sound more like grieving than their normal communication.

    But we’ve noticed a lot more birds in our neighborhood this year than ever before. They are here in droves, and there are pounds of droppings all over our vehicles, sidewalks, and porches. I even got some of those rubbery toys that look like lizards with long tails, because my sister said she had read that birds will not stay long enough to do much dropping in a place where they see creatures with long tails. It worked like a charm at her house, and it seems to have helped in two spots on my porch. But just a few feet away, they are still doing their stuff, and when they fly over — it’s “look out below!”

    I guess they like me. I was crossing a Wal-Mart parking lot one day a couple years ago — and you know how open and wide those lots are. There wasn’t a tree in sight, and scores of people out walking around. The birds had miles and miles of open spaces to do their dropping. But as soon as I exited my car, a bird flew over and dropped his stuff right on the top of my head as perfectly as if the spot had been marked with an X. It’s just amazing that I still love birds.


    • Sorry about your tales of woa! One is serious, the other is too true to be sad. Dan has been hit several times at Lowry Park Zoo in the Aviary. Camera and him. Me :) – Dan :(

      The birds do show emotions when one of them dies. Did you see
      Vol. 2, No. 4 – The Lost Mate?
      Watch the video. Thanks for sharing.


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