Where Am I Found? – Wrinkled Hornbill

Wrinkled Hornbill (Aceros corrugatus) by Lee at Brevard Zoo

Wrinkled Hornbill (Aceros corrugatus) by Lee at Brevard Zoo

“And I set my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all that is done under heaven;” (Ecclesiastes 1:13a NKJV)

In the article – Where Am I Found – Tawny Frogmouth, you were to find out about the Tawny Frogmouth. Did you find out that they live in ?????. If not, go to that post and find out about this amazing Avian Wonder from the Creator.

Today’s amazing Avian Wonder from the Creator is the Wrinkled Hornbill (Aceros corrugatus). I found these at the zoo.

If you wanted to watch a Wrinkled Hornbill, where would you go? Yes, you can find them at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida. But those Hornbills are captive.

Wrinkled Hornbill Female – Brevard Zoo by Lee

Where are Wrinkled Hornbills found in the wild? Clue: you would need to travel to an area that gets lots of rain.

“The male Sunda Wrinkled hornbill [another name for this bird] has a deep yellow bill with a ??? base, and a wrinkled ??? or ???? casque. The male’s eyes are surrounded by a rim of light ???? skin, while the sides of the head, upper breast and tail are ????, and the neck is bright ????.” What are those colors? [From Arkive – Hornbill]

So where is ?????? Your challenge is to find out by searching.

“With all my wisdom I tried to understand everything that happens here on earth. And God has made this so hard for us humans to do.” (Ecclesiastes 1:13 CEV)

I think this verse is telling us that, God the Creator, just wants us to make an effort. Yes, it takes a little effort, but when you find the answers, your understanding has just been increased.

Also can you answer these questions?

  1. Where am I from?
  2. Am I active in the daytime or the nighttime?
  3. What are the different colors on the male? HBW Alive
  4. What size am I?
  5. Where are their nest found?
  6. Are these birds monogamous? What does that term mean?

Search these articles:

Wrinkled Hornbill – Brevard Zoo

HBW Alive

Arkive – Hornbill

Wrinkled Hornbill – Wikipedia


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