Birds Vol 2 #6 – The Volume II. July to December 1897 – Index

Yellow-Breasted Chat (Icteria virens) by USGS

Yellow-Breasted Chat (Icteria virens) by USGS




Anhinga, or Snake Bird, Anhinga Anhinga pages  Page  26-27
Avocet, American, Recurvirostra Americana 14-15
Audubon, John James 161
Bird Song Jul – Sep
More Bird MiscellanyBird Miscellany Plus 195-235
Blue Bird, Mountain, Sialia arctica 203-205
Bunting, Lazuli, Passerina amoena 196-198-199
Chimney Swift, Chætura pelagica 131-133
Captive’s Escape 116
Chat, Yellow-Breasted, Icteria virens 236-238-239
Cuckoo, Yellow-Billed, Coccyzus americanus 94-95
Dove, Mourning, Zenaidura macrura 111-112-113
Duck, Canvas-back, Athya valisneria 18-20
Duck, Mallard, Anas boschas 10-11-13
Duck, Wood, Aix Sponsa 21-23-24
Eagle, Baldheaded, Haliœtus lencocephalus 2-3-5
Flamingo, Phœnicopterus ruber 218-221
Flycatcher, Vermillion, Pyrocephalus rubineus mexicanus     Ver II 192-193
Gold Finch, American, Spinus tristis 128-129-130
Goose, White-fronted, Anser albifrons gambeli 166-168-169
Grackle, Bronzed, Quiscalus quiscula 228-230-231
Grosbeak, Evening, Cocothraustes vespertina 68-70-71
Grouse, Black, Tetrao tetrix 217-220-223
Heron, Snowy, Ardea candidissima 38-39
How the Birds Secured Their Rights 115
Humming Bird, Allen’s Selasphorus alleni 210-211
Humming Bird, Ruby-Throated, Trochilus colubris 97-100-103
Junco, Slate Colored, Junco hyemalis 153-155
Kingbird, Tyrannus tyrannus 156-158-159
Kingfisher, European, Alcedo ispida 188-190-191
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned, Regulus calendula 108-110
Lark, Horned, Otocoris alpestris 134-135
Lost Mate 126
Merganser, Red-Breasted, Merganser serrator 54-55
Nuthatch, White-Breasted, Sitta carolinensis 118-119
Old Abe 35
Ornithological Congress 201
Osprey, American, Pandion paliœtus carolinenses 42-43-45
Partridge, Gambel’s, Callipepla gambeli 78-79
Phalarope, Wilson’s, Phalaropus tricolor 66-67
Pheasant, Ring-Necked, Phasianus torquatus 232-233
Phœbe, Sayornis phœbe 106-107
Plover, Belted Piping, Aegialitis meloda circumcincta 174-175
Plover, Semipalmated Ring, Aegialitis semi-polmata 6-8-9
Rail, Sora, Porzana Carolina 46-48-49
Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied, Sphyrapicus varius 137-140-143
Scoter, American, Oidemia deglandi 32-33
Skylark, Alauda arvensis 61-63-64
Snake Bird, (Anhinga) Anhinga anhinga 26-27
Snowflake, Plectrophenax nivalis 150-151-152
Sparrow, English, Passer domesticus 206-208-209
Sparrow, Song, Melospiza fasciata 90-91-93
Summaries (See each bird)
Tanager, Summer, Piranga rubra 163-165
Teal, Green winged, Anas carolinensis 213-214-215
The Bird’s Story-More Miscellany 224
Thrush, Hermit, Turdus Aonalaschkae 86-88-89
To a Water Fowl 76
Tropic Bird, Yellow-billed, Phaethon flavirostris 184-186-187
Turkey, Wild, Meleagris gallopava 177-180-183
Turnstone, Arenaria interpres 170-171
Verdin, Auriparus flaviceps 226-227
Vireo, Warbling, Vireo gilvus 138-141
Vulture, Turkey, Catharista Atrata 72-73-75
Warbler, Blackburnian, Dendroica blackburnia 123-125
Warbler, Cerulean, Dendrœca caerulea 178-181
Warbler, Kentucky, Geothlypis formosa 50-51-53
Warbler, Yellow, Dendroica æstiva 83-85
Woodcock, American, Philohela minor 28-30-31
Wren, House, Troglodytes ædon 98-101-104
Wood Pewee, Contopus Virens 144-146-147-
Yellow Legs, Totanus flavipes 58-60


How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! (Psalm 139:17 NKJV)


Birds Illustrated by Color Photography – Revisited

The above article is an article in the monthly serial for October 1897 “designed to promote Knowledge of Bird-Live.” These include Color Photography, as they call them, today they are drawings. There are at least three Volumes that have been digitized by Project Gutenberg.

To see the whole series of – Birds Illustrated by Color Photography – Revisited


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